True craftsmanship

What drives us

Lots of problems. Not enough solutions.
And none that actually work.

How many tonnes of branded workwear end up in the rubbish every year because an employee has quit and his successor simply needs a different size? And how many subcontractors are given workwear they would like to have customised with their own logo, but are not able to?

We don’t know the exact numbers either. But we have spoken to contractors who are looking for answers to precisely these – and other – challenges. From a commercial standpoint alone. And because of concerns about sustainability.

So being able to add a company’s logo or an employee’s name tag to a piece of clothing without damaging it, thus enabling it to be reused, would be the solution to many of these issues.

Behind every clever product is a clever mind.

Each clab team member has their own unique trade mark. Which is very much to your benefit. From our customer service advisor with the great telephone voice to our seamstress making sure every hem is just right to our designer putting your clab together perfectly to ensure it can be attached to your jacket just a few days later.

Carsten & Susanne

Founders and owners


Handcrafted in Chemnitz.
And to the highest standards.

The clab workshop is located in the heart of Saxony – Chemnitz, to be precise. It is home to a select team of experienced entrepreneurs, skilled designers and committed employees who make each clab by hand with outstanding care and attention.

We focus on sustainable production using only high-quality materials and local resources. Handmade in Chemnitz – through local networking during development as well as in the production process, local resources are used and local trade is strengthened.

Handcrafted & ethically produced

We rely on sustainable production methods and use only the highest quality, local raw materials. Handcrafted in Chemnitz – we have local contacts for development and production and so we can use locally sourced materials and support local businesses.


by Clever Label

Quality that makes

an impact

Your clab proves you value style, but also sustainability, top quality, local production and true craftsmanship. These high standards are in line with our vision too – a vision that inspires to get out of bed every morning and go to our workshops.

Our models

Go large or go small.

Our magnetic brand ambassador is available in three versions and four sizes. You can also choose between imitation leather and a version of the same with a metal finish.