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the highest standards:
the »Premium« clab

If you appreciate a flawless finish and a high-quality design, then look no further than the Premium clab.

»Premium« version


An imitation-leather clab with aluminium application in two sizes and versions:

  • natural, with a coloured logo in sub-surface anodic print (virtually indestructible)
  • black anodized, with laser-etched logo (monochrome) or printed logo (multicolour)
  • – Select your preferred colour for the metal finish colour too


We’ve done the maths: we can currently produce clab in 720 combinations. Further variants are in the pipeline. So the only limit is your imagination.


Just as easy to put on as it is to take off. This advantage is what makes clab so unique It’s hard for pricey branded work clothes to compete.


In our case, this means: production by hand, selected materials, a trained eye, and of course close attention to detail.


clab is produced regionally. Our suppliers work just around the corner. Our packaging can be recycled. And part of our proceeds goes to protecting the climate.

All sizes in comparison

A size that suits you

Our magnetic brand ambassador
is available in four sizes.

Rectangular formats
(ideal for rectangular logos)

L | small: 20 x 50 mm
L | large: 26 x 55 mm

Square formats
(ideal for square logos)

Q | small: 26 x 26 mm
Q | large: 30 x 30 mm


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